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Update on our current building work

You may have noticed that Holbeach Hospital has been undergoing some building work in the past few months. Eight new bedrooms have now been created and are getting the final finishing touches. We hope you agree that they look fantastic. Our aim is to be able to offer more beds for use by the local community and to meet the ever changing needs of the community we operate in. We currently have a waiting list in operation for nursing home beds – if you would like to add your relative to the waiting list please email


Summer Fayre Thank You

We had a wonderful time at our Summer Fayre.  It was a lovely sunny day and we hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to the local community for once again supporting our event and helping us to raise funds for the hospital.  The event was a great success and overall we managed to make a net profit of over £800 to go to the hospital.

Thank you to the many people who donated prizes, bought raffle tickets, donated teddies and came and supported us on the day.    We would also like to thank the many staff, Trustees, residents, their families and friends who helped on stalls and came to see us.

“Full House” for Charity Bingo Afternoon at WI Hall

Trevor and Teresa Gibbons hosted a bingo afternoon on Saturday 10th March, at Holbeach Women’s Institute Hall, with proceeds going to Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital.

Funds raised will be of great benefit to Holbeach Hospital residents and the community we serve and enable us to continue to provide the very best care and environment for the people who stay with us.


It was a hugely successful event and a fun afternoon was had by all involved. Not only that but an amazing £928.30 was raised for Holbeach Hospital!

We would like to say a massive thank you and well done to both Trevor and Teresa Gibbons and all that were involved and attended the bingo afternoon.

Jack’s fabulous festive Christmas lights display raises another £900 for Holbeach Hospital

Jack Turner of Fleet, is renowned for his wonderful winter wonderland Christmas light display, which he puts on every year to raise money for local good causes. This year once again, he has chosen to support local charity, Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust.

This week, he presented Holbeach Hospital Manager, Maxine Winch, with a cheque for a fantastic £900.15. He also gave a further £100 to Age Concern. Hospital staff and residents would like to thank Jack and his family, as well as members of the public, for the generous donation

Each year, Jack Turner, of Fleet Road Holbeach, transforms his home and gardens into a winter wonderland of spectacular lights and dazzling displays which attract visitors from miles around to raise money for Holbeach Hospital.

holbeach hospital

Maxine Winch, Manager, praised Jack and his family: “On behalf of Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust, I would like to thank Jack and his family for his continued support and thank everyone who contributed to this fantastic amount.  We are very grateful for this kind donation, which will be of great benefit to our residents and the community we serve and will enable us to continue to provide the very best care and environment for the people who stay with us. The money will go towards the Resident’s Fund which funds trips out, presents and other treats for our residents.”


Big Plans for Holbeach Hospital

We have great plans for the coming years; Holbeach Hospital is preparing itself for the 2020s with major building work ready for future generations of patients. We’re converting some old clinical rooms into three new bedrooms, as well as extending the first floor to have five more bedrooms, bringing the total number for residents up to 47 from 39.

The improvements currently being done are due to be unveiled in April in time for the trust’s 30th anniversary celebrations.   Once it’s complete, we hope to start work on an annexe which will create another eight bedrooms to be used for palliative (life-limiting) care.  During these building works we are trying to keep any disruption to a minimum and trying to keep our services running as normal as possible to ensure our residents are happy

The improvements being carried out by Moulton Seas End firm D. Brown Building Contractors are due to be unveiled next April in time for the trust’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital

Holbeach Hospital Receives Generous Donations from the Fenland Working Weekend and the Fenland Flywheelers Group

Hospital Manager, Maxine Winch, and other staff members met with members of the Fenland Working Weekend and Fenland Flywheelers on Friday 24th November, to receive cheques which will go towards hospital funds. In total nearly £800 was donated.

The Fenland Working Weekend attracts many tractor and farming enthusiasts from both near and far who are able to take their tractors and machines along to plough and cultivate the fields in the traditional way. Unfortunately Fenland Flywheelers has come to an end, and as it was a non-profit idea, it was been decided to donate the money left over in the kitty from previous meetings to the Holbeach Hospital funds.

Hospital Manager, Maxine, said “On behalf of the staff, residents and Council of Management, I would like to thank all of those involved in these two organisations who have contributed to the fantastic amount donated. We are very grateful for their continued support and the money will be put to excellent use.”

Gill’s Generous Donation to celebrate her 80th Birthday

Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust wish to thank local lady, Gill Gosling, for her incredible donation of £800 after she asked friends and family members to donate to Holbeach Hospital instead of buying her birthday presents. Gill celebrated her 80th birthday on Saturday 28th October at Gedney Victory Hall.

Holbeach and East Elloe Manager, Maxine Winch, and Deputy Manager, Julia Bobey, met with Gill to accept her donation and personally thank her.

Maxine praised Gill’s selflessness, “on behalf of all of the staff and residents, and the Council of Management, I would like to thank Gill for thinking of helping others to celebrate her 80th birthday.  I would like to thank Gill and all of her family and friends who very generously donated to this fantastic amount.  Holbeach Hospital is currently in the process of expanding in order to provide more beds to the local community so donations such as these are very important at this time. It will be of great benefit to our residents and the community we serve and enable us to continue to provide the very best care and environment for the people who stay with us.”

Alice celebrates her 105th birthday

Alice was born on the 1st November 1912 and lived most of her life in the Coventry area before moving to Long Sutton to be closer to her family in 2003.  She spent most of her life working in industry and retired at the age of 70.  She enjoyed a long and happy marriage, reaching 58 years of married life before her husband passed away.

Alice has lived through both the World Wars and has vivid memories of the Blitz, as Coventry was heavily bombed. Alice has also lived through many other major events, including the Queen’s coronation and wedding.

Alice lived completely independently on her own until a few years ago and still maintains her independence and is enjoying her time at the Hospital.  She celebrated her birthday with family and  some special visitors who had come all the way from America to see her.

Alice puts down her long life to taking everything in moderation. Happy Birthday Alice.