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Holbeach and East Elloe HospitalHolbeach HospitalHolbeach HospitalHolbeach ClinicHolbeach and East Elloe HospitalHolbeach and East Elloe Hospital

Staff at Holbeach Hospital work towards one aim, the wellbeing of our residents.  Our care focuses on the principles of dignity, independence, privacy, security and showing respect for the rights of all of our residents.   We pride ourselves on providing a home from home environment where there is a family atmosphere.

We like to take our time to get to know our residents and their families and try to help them live their lives to the fullest and achieve the best possible quality of life.  When you arrive at our home, our staff will take time to sit down with you and your family and find out about your life and your current needs and wishes.  Our staff understand that it is their duty to provide an atmosphere of understanding, gentleness, kindness, calm and reassurance at all times. Our team of nurses, carers, housekeepers, and kitchen staff all work towards providing an atmosphere of kindness, empathy and compassion and we strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment at all times.

We believe friends and relatives should be able to visit residents at any time during the day so we do not have restrictive visiting times.  Friends and family are welcome to visit residents in their bedroom or one of our dayrooms.  We also provide a regular agenda of entertainment throughout the year organised by The League of Friends, and family and friends are welcome to attend with our residents.   A range of activities are held on a daily basis within our Day Care facility; two activity organisers also go and assist each resident with whatever they wish to do on a weekly basis.

Church representative are also in regular contact with us to provide pastoral care and support.

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