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Holbeach and East Elloe HospitalHolbeach and East Elloe HospitalHolbeach HospitalHolbeach HospitalHolbeach ClinicHolbeach and East Elloe Hospital

Covid-19 Restrcitions

Please click on the link below for more information about our current visiting restrictions during the National Lockdown period.  We would especially like to encourage families to write to their family members who are with us during this time and residents will be helped to read the letters.

Letter to families 6th Nov


Information for Visitors

Please find information below on the correct procedure for putting on and taking off PPE and using handwash/hand rub to properly cleanse the hands

How to Handwash Poster

How to Handrub Poster

Taking off Personal Protective Equipment Poster

Putting on Personal Protective Equipment Poster



We have ample free parking at the front and rear of the building.


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