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Holbeach Hospital has dedicated Activities Coordinators, who ensure that residents are supported to keep existing hobbies and try new and exciting ones.

Every week we have a regular timetable of activities including reminiscence sessions, baking, fitness, one to ones, book club, puzzles, quizzes, outings, games, movie afternoons, pamper time, arts and crafts, gardening, using tablets and bingo.

We also take trips to local towns, just for a wander around. We have visited Boston and everyone enjoys looking at the Stump and the river.  Central Park also provides an opportunity for reminiscence and of course tea…and cake! We also regularly visit local Flower Festivals, as well as outings to Ayscoughee Hall and Gardens and Springfields.

Our residents especially enjoy inter-generational activities. For some time now our Activities Team have been interested in the concept of intergenerational activities within a care setting. This is not a new concept and has been successfully implemented in both the US and Europe where day care facilities are regularly shared both by children and the elderly. The positive effects for both age groups, including elevation of mood and increased physical activity, are well documented.  Jackie and Maggie have now established links with Small Saints Preschool in Holbeach and have visited several times there with residents to join in activities with the children.

During the pandemic, as well as offering a range of activities, our Activities have moved to supporting residents and their families and friends keep in touch in other ways, including video calls, window visits, telephone calls and reading letters and emails.  If you would like to arrange an indoor bedroom visit, pod visit, video or telephone call, or window visit please contact or telephone 01406 422283 and we will assist you.  Please see the latest letters about Visiting on our homepage.

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