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Visiting Policy 19.07.21

 Named Visitors

Residents are entitled to unlimited named visitors, who will need to complete a rapid lateral flow test on the day of each visit and produce a negative result, as well as wear the PPE provided (including a hospital face mask).  To reduce the risk of infection, residents can have no more than 2 visitors at a time or over the course of one day (Essential Care Givers are exempt from this daily limit).  Please book visits through the testing station by emailing or telephoning 01406 422283 option 203.  Performing home lateral flow tests is an option for those who prefer it, please discuss this with us so that we can ensure you are adequately trained in performing the testing process and reporting the test yourself.


Essential Care Givers

Each care home resident can choose to nominate one Essential Care Giver (E.C.G.). E.C.G.s must take a minimum of 2 rapid lateral flow tests a week and one PCR test a week and any other outbreak testing staff may be conducting.  E.C.G.s can visit more freely without time restrictions and can continue to visit during outbreaks providing neither you nor your relative tests positive.  This is a very responsible position and requires the person to commit to maintaining the highest standards of infection control, ensuring PPE is always worn correctly and government guidelines are followed when outside the home.  If two or more E.C.G.s test positive for Covid-19 this may result in the home being shut to all other visitors and we would not be able to admit or discharge patients for 28 days, so we would strongly encourage all visitors to be double-vaccinated.  We speak to residents and their families when they arrive to find out if they would like to nominate an E.C.G.  Please speak to Reception if this has not been discussed with you and you would like to  be an E.C.G.

An E.C.G. must be able to commit to the following:

Visits Out of The Care Home

Opportunities for care home residents to make visits out of the home are an important part of care home life.  No visit out of a care home during a pandemic is without risk, but there are steps we can take to reduce those risks. Named visitors or E.C.G.s can book a visit out of the home but named visitors need to have a lateral flow test on the day of the visit (either at home providing evidence on arrival or done at the Testing Station) and the resident will need a test before the visit and three days after.   Where possible, anyone else who the resident meets as part of an indoor visit should undertake a lateral flow device test and receive a negative result on the day of the visit. This can be confirmed by the named visitor. All tests should be reported to the unique organisation number (UON) of the care home.  Visits that remain outdoors provide the lowest risk, indoor visits must follow government guidelines.

There are certain types of activity where the risks are inherently higher and will mean that the resident should self-isolate on their return. These activities are:

All other visits out of the care home that are not assessed as high risk will be supported without the need to isolate on return to the care home.  Please book trips out through the testing station by emailing or telephoning 01406 422283 option 203, providing details of the trip so that, if needed, the Manager can be consulted.

Letter to families regarding trips out of the home

Garden Visits and Window Visits

Residents can meet more than their named visitors by booking garden or window visits.  Named visitors and E.C.G.s can also book garden visits if they wish.

The following will apply to garden visits:


Please book garden and window visits through the testing station by emailing or telephoning 01406 422283 option 203.


Telephone calls and Video calls

We have a dedicated mobile phone that residents may borrow to speak to loved ones.  We can also book Whatsapp or Skype video calls for you.  Please email to book, otherwise you can telephone 01406 422283 ext. 203, however we often experience a high volume of calls so please be patient when telephoning.  The activities coordinators organise calls and video calls Tuesday – Friday between 10am and 3pm, although if you require contact at weekends we will try to accommodate your wishes as best we can.

General Information for Visitors

Please find information below on the correct procedure for putting on and taking off PPE and using handwash/hand rub to properly cleanse the hands

How to Handwash Poster

How to Handrub Poster

Taking off Personal Protective Equipment Poster

Putting on Personal Protective Equipment Poster



We have ample free parking at the front and rear of the building.


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