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Welcome to Holbeach Hospital: A Truly Dedicated Community Service

A warm welcome awaits you at Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital care home. Set near the rural market town of Holbeach, surrounded by mature gardens and open fields, our hospital provides a range of care options to suit your needs.

Our Hospital Trust was formed in 1988 after the South Lincolnshire Health Authority announced their intention to close Holbeach Hospital. Rather than fight the closure, local community leaders chose to work with the health authority to find a way for the facility to remain open. Substantial funds were raised by local people and Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust was formed. The Trust Holbeach Hospital A truly dedicated community service Homenow provides 6 beds for use by local GPs and 33 nursing home beds. Not only did the people of Holbeach and the surrounding villages save their hospital, they provided a resource which continues to grow and meet the needs of the community it serves.

The Hospital is a registered charity (701458) and still receives tremendous support from the local community today. The League of Friends work tirelessly to raise funds via their shop in Holbeach and through their committee of dedicated fundraisers. The support of the local community continues to be invaluable and is greatly appreciated. Recently their fundraising has enabled us to buy a new minibus which is used to take residents out on day trips as well as by our Day Care team.

Holbeach Hospital also has a fully equipped Physiotherapy Department, which sees patients with a range of musculo-skeletal problems at the request of their GP. Many people find it more convenient to come to Holbeach Hospital rather then travel long distances and pay for car-parking charges.