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Holbeach Hospital has dedicated Activities Coordinators, who ensure that residents are supported to keep existing hobbies and try new and exciting ones.

Every week we have a regular timetable of activities including reminiscence sessions, baking, fitness, one to ones, book club, puzzles, quizzes, outings, games, movie afternoons, pamper time, arts and crafts, gardening, using tablets and bingo.

We have celebrated many events over the last few months, including:

    • The Royal Wedding
    • World Lindy Hop Day
    • National Fish and Chip Day
    • National Picnic Week (with our teddies)
    • British Pea Week (we ate peas and played pea pipes)
    • RAF Centenary
    • Wimbledon and the World Cup
    • Cream Tea Day
    • Bow Tie Day
    • ….and many, many more.
  • We have also been trialling trips to local towns, just for a wander around. We visited Boston a few weeks ago and everyone enjoyed looking at the Stump and the river. A pit stop in Central Park provided an opportunity for reminiscence and of course tea…and cake! We also regularly visit local Flower Festivals, as well as outings to Ayscoughee Hall and Gardens and Springfields.

    A new initiative we are looking into is trialling intergenerational activities. For some time now our Activities Team have been interested in the concept of intergenerational activities within a care setting. This is not a new concept and has been successfully implemented in both the US and Europe where day care facilities are regularly shared both by children and the elderly. The positive effects for both age groups, including elevation of mood and increased physical activity, are well documented.
    Jackie and Maggie decided to trial a similar concept during April half term and invited five children, who ages ranged from 7 to 11 years to have an afternoon of fun with some residents. They all produced artwork with an animal theme to support national Pets Month. Everyone chose their own materials and the creativity flowed. Several residents joined in with the children and the event was a great success, with both old and new enjoying the session. Jackie and Maggie were both pleased with how the trial went, and there were some interesting interactions between the generations. One resident commented that she didn’t know anything about zombies or unicorns until today! They are hoping to hold similar events in the future.

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