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We make every effort to make sure that our residents and patients are treated with great care and consideration, whether they have come to stay for a short time, or permanently.  Many residents and families have questions before they come in to us, and the information below may be useful to answer some of these queries.

What social activities do you provide?

We have two spacious day rooms and a hobbies lounge which act as a social hub allowing our residents and families to come together to enjoy meals and activities.  Family members and visitors are  very welcome to join residents and patients in the lounges or in their own room if they prefer.   We have two Activities Coordinators who organise a range of activities each week including fitness, crafts, music, tea and chats etc and will vary the activities each week depending on the interests of the residents.  A weekly timetable is given to each resident and available in reception for visitors to view.  Residents can join in as much or as little as they prefer.

What religious support do you have?

Church representatives are in regular contact with the hospital to provide pastoral care and support.  We also hold Church Services once a month in the hobbies lounge.

Do you have set visiting times?

We believe friends and family should be able to visit at any time of day and do not limit visitors.  Tea and coffee is available for visitors in our Family Room.  There is free parking at the front of the hospital for visitors.  During any outbreak of Covid-19 visiting will still be supported with residents able to receive one visitor at a time.    Well-behaved dogs are welcome to visit by prior arrangement with the Manager of Nurse in Charge.

How much is parking?

We have free parking available at the front of the hospital for visitors.

Can I see a hairdresser while I am staying at the Hospital?

We have a mobile hairdresser who visits every Wednesday 9:30am until 4pm.  The cost of a shampoo and set is £8-£10 and a wash, cut and blow dry £9.50 – £10.

Can I order a Newspaper?

We can order your favourite newspaper or magazine to be delivered to the hospital.  Please let a member of staff know if you wish to order a newspaper.  The newsagent sends us a bill once a month and we will then organise payment with you.

Can I bring in my own electrical equipment?

If you wish to bring in any electrical equipment from home, for example hairdryers etc, please inform the Maintenance Engineer before use so that he can ensure all safety checks have been carried out and it is PAT tested.

Can I see a chiropodist?

Our Chiropodist visits approximately every six to eight weeks and currently charges £20.00 for foot nail trimming and care.

What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

We make every effort to make sure that residents and patients are treated with great care and consideration when they visit the Hospital.  However, if you are not happy with any aspect of the care provided and would like to make a complaint this should be made directly to the Manager or Deputy Manager.

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, you may ask The Local Government Ombudsman to investigate (Local Government Ombudsman, PO Box 4771, Coventry, CV4 0EH). The Local Government Ombudsman is a free, independent complaints service.  The Ombudsman will provide a single investigator who can look at the whole case.  They cannot investigate every complaint but will carry out an initial assessment to find out:

They will let you know the outcome of the assessment as soon as they can. If your complaint can be investigated, it will then be allocated to an investigator who will carry out the detailed investigation work.


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