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Annie Limming of Holbeach Turns 101 years

Holbeach Hospital resident Annie Limming celebrated her 101st Birthday on 23rd February surrounded by family and staff at the Hospital.

Annie, was a familiar face to shoppers at J.W. Limming pet and garden supplies in Fleet Street, Holbeach, from the day it was opened by her late husband Jack in 1960 until her retirement 25 years later.  Jack and Annie were married for almost 40 years until his death in 1977 and had three children, two grandchildren and a great grandchild.  holbeach hospitalAnnie was born in Holbeach St. Johns where she lived until she married Jack at the age of 21.  During and after WWII, Annie worked as a nurse in various hospitals until Jack opened Limmings when he converted the couple’s living room into a shop for farmers and growers.  At the time of her birth, in February 1916, George V was King and Herbert Asquith was Prime Minister.  Annie was born at the stroke of midnight between the 23rd and 24th February.

Her children, Jackie, Rosie and Patrick claim the secret to her longevity is down to her hardy upbringing, including drinking fresh unpasteurised  milk straight from the farm, being persistently stubborn and a lifetime of hard work and graft.  Mrs Limming used to go out in her 70s and help ‘old folk’ with their gardening, often people younger than herself.  She was very active right up to her early 90s and has always helped people; never thinking of herself as on ‘old person.’  She also somewhat goes against current health advice and has always drank full fat cream milk and very little water.

Her children also put her long life down to the excellent care she has received at Holbeach Hospital since becoming a resident in 2009.  She is currently Holbeach Hospital’s second oldest resident.  Manager, Maxine Winch, said “Annie still likes playing cards and greatly enjoys the entertainment and music and movement.”

Hospital Receives £1,058 from Jack’s Spectacular Christmas Light Display in Holbeach

Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust would like to thank Jack and his family, as well as members of the public, for raising over a thousand pounds which has been generously donated to the hospital.

Each year, Jack Turner, of Fleet Road Holbeach, transforms his home and gardens into a winter wonderland of spectacular lights and dazzling displays which attract visitors from miles around to raise money for Holbeach Hospital.  Maxine Winch, Hospital Manager, is very grateful for his support as well as the support of  members of the public who contributed to this amount:

“On behalf of Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust, I would like to thank Jack for his continued support and thank everyone who contributed to this fantastic amount.  We are very grateful for this kind donation, which will be of great benefit to our residents and the community we serve and will enable us to continue to provide the very best care and environment for the people who stay with us.”

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The Hospital took some of their residents out to see Jack’s Christmas light display and they all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.


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