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Staff and Residents Treated to Fish and Chip Supper

We were overwhelmed by the kindness of a local business – The Hungry Plaice  who donated freshly cooked fish and chips for our residents and staff to enjoy, even coming back in the evening to ensure our evening staff didn’t miss out. The residents really enjoyed having authentic fish and chips and it was a lovely treat for our staff. Georgina contacted us because she wanted to thank the hospital for the care her dad received and thought now would be an ideal time to show an act of kindness during Kindness Week and National Smile Week. Thank you so much it definitely put a smile on our residents and staff’s faces and the fish and chips were amazing!


Coop Community Champions

We are always overwhelmed by the kindness of our local community and their support. We were nominated to be a Coop Community Champion last year and have now received a cheque for an amazing £1,180 to be put towards the creation of a hobby lounge for our residents.

Donation to Jerry Greens Dog Rescue Centre

Jackie and Maggie, our Activities Coordinators, have been running a collection in aid of a local dog rescue centre.  They asked for donations of treats, food , toys and blankets that could be donated to the dogs spending their Christmas at Jerry Greens Dog Rescue Centre.  They received lots of donations which they were able to hand over to the centre just before Christmas.  We hope the dogs enjoy their new treats, toys and blankets.  Many of our residents like to knit so to encourage them to continue their hobby we often take donations of knitted blankets to the dogs as well to keep them warm.

Holbeach Flower Festival 2019

Very excited to be able to finally unveil our amazing flower display for the Holbeach All Saints Church Flower Festival. Lots of hard work has gone into creating this display from our residents and Jackie and Maggie. We hope you enjoy seeing it if you are popping down to the Church this weekend. It's our first attempt at a flower display so let us know what you think.

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