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New Bedrooms Open

Eight new bedrooms have now been created and already have their first residents. The building work has been ongoing since the end of last year and involved the conversion of some old clinical rooms and the creation of new bedrooms upstairs. Manager Maxine Winch, commented “Our aim has been to offer more beds for use by the local community and to meet the ever-changing needs of the community we operate in. I am very grateful for how all of our staff, residents and their families have dealt with the necessary disruption and thank them for their patience during the building work. The new bedrooms are built to a very high specification thanks to the work of building contractors D Brown.” Three of the new bedrooms have been furnished thanks to money donated by the Hospital’s League of Friends.

The eight new bedrooms will be a mixture of re-ablement (rehabilitation) beds and nursing home beds. The rehabilitation beds are a new concept, where the hospital is working with the NHS to provide beds for people who are in need of rehabilitation or assessment before returning home from primary care hospitals. The residents are cared for by Holbeach Hospital but supported with Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy teams provided by the NHS.

Chair of Directors, Chris Penney remarked that, “the new rooms are an additional asset to the community and were full within a week of opening. It is important that Holbeach Hospital remains sustainable in the future and these new bedrooms will assist with that. But we must not stand still; we still need to do more to ensure our future sustainability. I would like to acknowledge on behalf of my fellow directors a benefactor who has contributed a significant proportion of the funding for this project. The building work has highlighted that we need an ongoing programme of building work to upgrade the existing ageing building to bring it in line with changing standards.” Holbeach Hospital is a registered charity and donations are always welcome.

Holbeach Hospital currently have a waiting list in operation for nursing home beds – if you would like to add your relative to the waiting list please email .

Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust is owned and run by the community. After it was threatened with closure in 1988, local community leaders came together to raise funds to keep the facility open. The Trust provides beds for use by local doctors, nursing and residential home beds as well as reablement beds. We also have our own Physiotherapy clinic and have a visiting Warfarin clinic. The people of Holbeach saved their hospital and provided a resource which continues to grow as we undergo expansion. Compassion and a constant spirit of empathy are at the heart of everything we do.

2019 will be our 30th anniversary of being run by the community, having officially closed in March 1989 and reopened in September of the same year. We are planning several celebrations in 2019 to mark the occasion.

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