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Holbeach Nursing Association Donates £39,200 to Holbeach Hospital to enable good work to continue in local area

Holbeach Hospital has been gifted with a substantial amount of money from Holbeach Nursing Association in order that they can continue to help the local community.

Holbeach Nursing Association (originally Holbeach Sick Poor Fund) was set up by Mrs Smith and Miss Wass before the Health Service was established in order to provide help to the local community to cover the extras required when illness happened in a family. The charity has over the years provided equipment and financial help in order to provide comfort to the sick.

As Trustees of the Association it was decided to donate the funds held to Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust in order that the work can be continued within the local area.

Holbeach Hospital Manager, Maxine Winch, is extremely grateful for the generous donation and already has plans to put the money to good use, “although the Nursing Association will no longer exist, the money they have raised over the years will still benefit the local community. The members should be very proud of the substantial amount donated to us; it will be used to help fund our expansion projects which seems a fitting legacy.  On behalf of the Trustees and those who use our service I would like to extend thanks for this extremely generous gift.”

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Pictured : Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust Manager, Maxine Winch ,with Trustee of Holbeach Nursing Association Elizabeth Bailey, Margaret Edwards (Clerk of Holbeach Nursing Association) and Francis Biggadike (Trustee of Holbeach Nursing Assoc.) and Holbeach Hospital Nurse Rachael Ward.

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